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Welcome to the official website of CDDIC (S.A.S.) expert in the design and development of electronic and microelectronic circuits, localized in FRANCE.

CDDIC is a mixed-signal IP company (S.A.S.), offering a portfolio of innovative mixed-signal silicon IPs and products to our customers, in the domain of both microelectronics (Chips) and electronics (PCBs).
CDDIC's portfolio of silicon-proven mixed-signal IPs enables the SoC developers to achieve quick turn-arounds on the designs.
CDDIC offers a complete range of mixed-signal design phases, which includes development, verification, and physical design.
CDDIC more especially focusses on the new nano-technologies, and low-cost technologies, in the R&D fields and innovative solutions. CDDIC proposes some IPs in the domain of the embedded power-mangement, battery-management, audio, contact-less (RFID, NFC), solar power optimization, and MCU based applications.
CDDIC supports customers on specifications or on specific parts of design chain as required. Its access to wide portfolio of IP as well as its robust design flow ensures accelerated time to market for customers. In addition, CDDIC's unique strengths in Analog & Digital enable it to support customers on complex mixed signal designs.

CDDIC provides Specs-to-Chip Design and integration capability.
CDDIC's team works to analyze the product economics, quantifies the potential benefits from Integration and subsequently designs, and delivers the final design to the customer.

One of the greatest challenges in today's design is working with the multitude of vendors in the COT and ASIC supply chain. CDDIC recognizes this challenge, and has addressed it by establishing a comprehensive set of alliances that form a cohesive solution. This solution is based on formalized relationships with best in class vendors in each key solution space.

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