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CDDIC supports customers on specifications or on specific parts of design chain as required. Its access to wide portfolio of IP as well as its robust design flow ensures accelerated time to market for customers. In addition, CDDIC's unique strengths in Analog & Digital enable it to support customers on complex mixed signal designs.


CDDIC has expertise with complete suite of tools:

Microelectronics Design:
Cadence Series (5, 6), HDL Designer, Design Compiler, Matlab, Mathcad, ...

Microelectronics Simulation:
Cadence ADEXL, Spectre, Hspice (or customized by customers), Eldo, ModelSim, ...

Microelectronics Physical Design:
Virtuoso, Virtuoso Layout-XL, Virtuoso Custom Router, Encounter, ...

Microelectronics Physical Verification:
Assura, Calibre, Chameleon, Diva, ...

Electronics Schematic and Physical Design:
Simetrix, Cadence Orcad, Microchip Mplab, Proteus (Isis, Ares), Multisim PowerPro, PSpice, Hspice, ...

Design Flow:

Today's complex designs, especially those targeted to nanotechnologies, demand a good methodology at all stages of the design cycle in order to meet the quick turnaround requirements of customers.
CDDIC has an established design flow, refined over a several customer projects, which ensures a quick turnaround from concept to silicon and boards. CDDIC has an established QC process throughout the design flow with audit & review mechanisms that guarantee consistent quality and ensuring fast turnarounds. Till date, CDDIC has completed designs from specs to chip meeting aggressive schedules as well as stringent performance requirements.


In all the Design projects, CDDIC is committed to ensuring protection of customer's IP. This is ensured through various means - signing NDAs, isolating development teams, prohibiting discussion of the project or exchange of technical information outside the team, maintaining and classified access to all project documents.

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