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CDDIC offers a complete range of validated electronic circuits and patented IPs (Intellectual Property), in the domain of analogue, digital (using microcontrollers) and mixed-signal electronics.

The innovative solutions of CDDIC concern the following domains:
  - communication
  - signal processing
  - domotics
  - consumer products
  - industrial
  - agriculture
  - automotive
  - power-mangement (voltage regulation, power supplies)
  - battery-management (battery chargers)
  - audio (audio amplifiers, audio filters)
  - contact-less (RFID, NFC)
  - solar power optimization (dc-dc converters with MPPT, grid dc-ac inverters with MPPT)   
  - ...

We help our customers to realize their projects in the electronics domain:
  - we help them to define the specification and the feasibility of their product
  - we advice them on the technical parts of their product
  - we estimate and optimize the cost of their product
  - we design and develop their whole product or part of it (schematics, pcb, test, ...), and deliver them a detailed documentation
  - we provide some design resources, to help them to achieve their project on a tighten schedule
  - we communicate regularly and effectively with them
  - ...

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